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  Scope of Activities:  
  Builder provides service in the fields of architectural and utility design, civil engineering, water supply and treatment,
sewage disposal, urban and regional planning, tourism development, and structural and marine engineering.
The scope of activities for these services includes (but is not limited to)
Feasibility studies, both technical and financial  
General advice on building procedures, licenses, etc.  
Complete design of buildings, structures, civil work, etc., and of electrical, mechanical, communications, sanitary  
    and plumbing systems  
Preparation of complete structural calculations, working drawings and specifications and of  all tender documents  
Interior design / interior decoration  
Selection of contractors  
Quantity surveying / cost estimating and financial project administration  
Project management and construction supervision  


than enough qualified staffs to 
satisfy every client's needs, 
from the planning stage to
physical execution, operation, 
and maintenance. 

  Our history of successful execution is built upon our commitment to and experience in detailed planning-establishment criteria, 
objectives, schedules, budgets, and resources required by the project and proactive project management-applying proper control 
techniques to monitor progress, to anticipate potential problems, and to mitigate the impact of any problems through timely 
corrective measures.

    Planning Stage  

   •  Feasibility studies
   •  Preliminary engineering
       - Master planning
       - Master schedules
       - Preliminary design
       - Preliminary cost estimation
       - Project layout


    Project Management  

   •  Coordination with clients
   •  Coordination / supervision of all stages of the work
   •  Master schedules
   •  Budget control
   •  Coordination of the various trades
     Engineering Stage  

   •  Detailed engineering
       - Detailed design
       - Detailed models
       - Construction drawings
   •  Tender documents
   •  Operation & maintenance manuals


   •  Lists of materials and equipment
   •  Contractor selection
   •  Materials / equipment sourcing
   •  Quotation evaluation


     Construction Stage  

   •  Project organization
   •  Schedule control
   •  Cost control
   •  Quality control
   •  Material control
   •  Safety

   •  Timely delivery of completed project
   •  Operation and maintenance







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