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Builder Consultants Co., Ltd. (hereinafter refered to as 
"Builder")  was established in 1986 as an architectural and 
engineering consultant company
that offers both domestic 
and international clients a wide breadth of knowledge and 

For decades,  Builder's certified professional  teams have
delivered a remarkable services including design, project
management, and construction supervision.
Our prominent
designing expertise covers architectural - structural design,
civil engineering,  mechanical  engineering  and  electrical
system works. All of which are supervised by our selected
co-operate team of experienced engineers and architects 
whose specialization are most suitable in each field.


  Builder  is certified by the  Thai Council of Architects,  and the  
Thai Council of Engineers,  and a member of The Consulting Engineers 
Association of Thailand and a member of  Engineering Institute of  
Thailand. Our engineers and architects are certified by the Office of 
the Board for the Control of the Engineering and Architectural 
Profession, and are members of the Engineering Institute of Thailand 
and the Consulting Engineers Association of Thailand.

Engaging to provide quality and trustworthy service, numbers of  
Builder's customers have increased consistently throughout each year.
Up to the present time,  more than 500 projects has been completed 
feature residential / commercial / industrial buildings, industrial estate 
development, and housing projects.
Our clients include

•  Phelps Dodge Thailand Limited.
•  Cal-Comp Electronic (Thailand) Public Co., Ltd.
•  Compal Electronic (Vietnam) Co., Ltd.
•  Delta Electronics (Thailand) Public Co., Ltd.
•  Mead Johnson Nutrition (Thailand) Limited.
•  SCG Logistic Management Co.,Ltd.
•  TIPS Co., Ltd.
•  Zhulian (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
•  C.P. Seven Eleven Public Co., Ltd.
•  Summit Auto Body Industry Co., Ltd.
•  Summit Auto Seat Industry Co.,Ltd.
•  Summit Keylex (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
•  Summit Ansei Auto Part Co., Ltd.
•  Thai Summit Engineering Co.,Ltd.
•  Thai Summit PK Corporation Ltd.
•  Thai Summit Meiji Forging Co., Ltd.
•  Thai Summit Mitsuba Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
•  Thai Summit Laemchabang Autoparts Co., Ltd.
•  Thai Summit Eastern Seaboard Auto Parts Industry Co.,Ltd.
•  Somboon Industrial Co., Ltd. (Somboon Group)
•  Ingress Autoventures Co., Ltd.
•  Saint-Gobain Sekurit (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
•  TSP Metal Works Co., Ltd.
•  Pongpara Codan Polymer Co., Ltd.
•  SMR Automotive System (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
•  Hwa Fong Rubber (Thailand) Public Co.,Ltd. (Duro Tire)
•  Bangkok Solar Co., Ltd.
•  Thai British Security Printing Public Co., Ltd.
•  Polypharm Co., Ltd.
•  R.X. Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
•  Patar Lab (2517) Co., Ltd.
•  L.B.S.Laboratory Partnership Ltd.
•  Advance Phamaceutical Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
•  B.M. Pharmacy Partnership Ltd.
•  EIYO (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
•  C&W Interfoods Co., Ltd.
•  Agriworld Co. Ltd.
•  Thai Liwayway Food Industries Co., Ltd.
•  Twin Lotus Co., Ltd.
•  Man.A. Frozen Food Co., Ltd.
•  BASF (Thai) Limited.
•  Teragro Fertilizer Co.,Ltd.
•  Alucon Public Co.,Ltd.
•  Thai Polycarbonate Co.,Ltd.
•  Thai Houghton 1993 Co., Ltd.
•  Lompa Metals Co., Ltd.
•  J&B Metals Co., Ltd.
•  Jet Industries (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
•  Ebro Valves (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
•  Grohe Siam Limited.
•  Lafarge Siam Roofing Co., Ltd.
•  Burapa Steel Industries Co., Ltd.
•  TSN Wires Co., Ltd. (SIW Group)
•  Far East Knitting Co., Ltd.
•  Leenawatana Co., Ltd.
•  Siam Cargoloc Worldwide Co., Ltd.
•  Captain Paint (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
•  Advance Paint and Chemical (Thailand)
•  Public Co., Ltd. (Dutch Boy Paint)
•  Delta Chemical Co., Ltd. (Delta Paint)
•  B.N. Brother Ltd., Part. (Beger Paint)
•  Dyno Industry Co., Ltd. (Dyno and Rust Oleam Paints)
•  Global Thaixon Co.,Ltd.
•  Supalai Public Co.,Ltd.
•  The Foundation of the Church of Christ in Thailand.
•  Bangkok Christian Guest House.
•  Thai-Chinese International School. (T.C.I.S.)
•  Wells International School. (W.I.S.)
•  Thai Christian School.
•  J Max Monopoly Corporation Co., Ltd.


  Business line:
Design and Consultant in the field of architecture, structure and civil engineering, mechanical and electrical
systems such as electrical, telecommunication, sanitary and plumbing, fire protection, air conditioning and
ventilation, building administrative systems, and etc.
  Business memberships:
Thai Council of Architects: Permit No. น. 016-54
Thai Council of Engineers: Permit No. 0149/45
Consulting Engineers Association of Thailand, Registered No.20479
Engineering Institute of Thailand. No.C2-061

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